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Water Tank Cleaning Services

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Water Tank Cleaning Services in Dubai
Dubai House Fixers

Water Tank Cleaning Company in Dubai

Dubai House Fixers is a renowned home maintenance company that offers water tank cleaning services in every corner of Dubai. We offer unparalleled residential or commercial water tank cleaning services. In our water tank cleaning services, our cleaners inspect the water tanks, remove the water, clean the tank, and give a final report of the water tank cleaning. Moreover, we use municipality-approved disinfectants to disinfect the water tanks in water tank cleaning Dubai.

Our water tank cleaners are certified, municipality-approved, and follow the best water tank cleaning practices. We equipped our cleaners with the latest tool kits, vacuums, jet sprays, and ladders. We offer market-competitive and high-quality water tank cleaning services across Dubai.

We deal with all kinds of water tank cleaning services, such as underground, overhead, and rooftop water tanks in Dubai.

Contact our team at +971544329100 for a free quote for water tank cleaning services in Dubai.

How We Work?

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Water Tank Cleaning Dubai

We at Dubai House Fixers offer a complete package of water tank cleaning services in Dubai. There are multiple services that we provide at our company includes,

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Our team of expert cleaners visits your place to see the condition of your water tank, test the water quality, and propose the best water tank cleaning solution.

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Extra Water Removal:

After getting approval from the owners, our team removed the extra water from the tank and started the cleaning process.

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Removal of Dust and Debris:

In the next step, our cleaners remove the debris with the help of the latest tools and vacuums accumulated on the walls of water tanks.

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Water Jetting:

We use water jets to remove any sediments of debris, dust, or accumulants from the walls and floor of residential or commercial water tanks. In this step, we use high-pressure water jets to remove accumulants.

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Chemical Cleaning:

We use chemical cleaning to remove any strain or spot on the walls of the water tanks in industrial properties. We don't use chemical water tank cleaning on the tanks associated with the drinking water. We use municipal-approved minimal chemicals for such water tanks.

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To reduce the chances of bacteria, algae, and fungi regrowth and its effect on the pipeline water, we use minimal chemical disinfectants on the walls of the water tanks during tank cleaning.

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Sludge Removal:

In the last step, we remove the sludge accumulated on the floor of the water tanks and clean the floor with the help of vacuums.

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Final Inspection and Report:

Our cleaners inspect the water tank and take any necessary action to clean the water tanks. Our cleaners make a report and submit it to the customers with before and after pictures to tell them about the cleaning process and when to book the next tank cleaning.

Why Dubai House Fixers Water Tank Cleaning?

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Expert Water Tank Cleaners

We have a team of expert water tank cleaners who know the best water tank cleaning practices in Dubai. They have years of hands-on experience in cleaning residential and commercial water tanks.

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Improved Water Quality

The first thing you will observe with our water tank cleaning services is the improved water quality in your pipelines. You will be less sick, more active, and germ-free.

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Water Tank Maintenance Services

We offer water tank maintenance services with our tank cleaning services. We do leak repairs, filter cleaning, and more. Once you book our services, you may no longer need to book water tank maintenance services.

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Contact Water Tank Cleaning Contractors in Dubai

Dubai House Fixers is a trusted name in water tank cleaning services all across Dubai. We offer residential or commercial water tank cleaning services in Dubai and ensure that the water tanks are clear from all contaminants, dust, and debris. Our team visits your space, cleans your water tank, and removes the sludge. In the water tank disinfection, we disinfect your water tank with municipality-approved disinfectants. Our team ensures prompt response to any query you may have.

Contact us at +971544329100 to book water tank cleaning services or for inspection or cleaning queries.

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#1 Certified water tank cleaning company in Dubai

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price of water tank cleaning services depends on multiple factors, such as the type of water tank, the condition of the water tank, the number of cleaners involved, the time involved, and the type of chemical used. Contact our team at  +971544329100 for a free quote for our water tank cleaning services in Dubai.

 +971544329100 is the contact number of one of the leading water tank cleaning contractors in Dubai- Dubai House Fixers. They are available around the clock to answer any query and to book the services.

Dubai House Fixers offers the cheapest water tank cleaning services in Dubai with high-quality services. Contact the team of Dubai House Fixers via call or WhatsApp to book the water tank cleaning services.

Yes, we use chemicals to clean commercial water tanks in Dubai. To remove that alga, microbes, dust, and debris, we use municipality-approved chemicals, such as Blue Sky- a chemical used to clean the contamination or strains from the walls of water tanks.

Yes, it is crucial to clean water tanks in Dubai. Dubai's residents can't have water from the direct ground source in their water tanks and get it from indirect sources. In the indirect source, contamination comes along with the water. That contamination changes the color of the water used in your living space and causes diseases. To avoid diseases, Dubai's residents must book water tank cleaning services in Dubai.

Yes, we provide chemical water tank cleaning services for industrial water tanks whose water is not used for drinking purposes.

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