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Don’t worry if you want to paint your newly constructed home, villa, apartment, or office or want to change your space look under budget, Dubai Home Fixers got you covered. We offer the best painting services in Dubai with our team of painter and unparalleled painting work.

We offer every kind of painting service, such as wall painting, room painting, home painting, villa painting, apartment painting, office painting, cafe painting, and other commercial property painting services in Dubai.

We are the best painters in Dubai who use budget-friendly highest-quality paints that give your space the finest look. Our painting work is of top quality and we have hundreds of satisfied clients across Dubai.

We have a team of professional painters who paint your space according to your taste and make it feel personal. From your home or office visit, and color consultation to the paint and final look of your space, our painter will discuss every single detail with you to give you a personalized touch.

Get painting services from Dubai Home Fixers and exceed your expectations under budget. Contact us at +971544329100 to book our residential or commercial painting services in Dubai. 

Painting Services in Dubai

Dubai Home Fixers offers multiple painting services in Dubai. Here is a list of painting services that we offer at our company.

  • Villa Painting Services Dubai
  • Wall Painting Services Dubai
  • Interior Painting Services Dubai
  • Exterior Painting Services Dubai
  • Home Painting Services Dubai
  • House Painting Services Dubai
  • Industrial Painting Services Dubai
  • Painting Services for Renovation
  • Painting Services for New Construction
  • Apartment Painting Services Dubai
  • Special Effects Painting Services Dubai (Murals and Effects)

Don’t let the old paint dread the aesthetics of your space and give your residential or commercial property a fresh look with Dubai Home Fixers’ professional painting services in Dubai.

Painting Service Dubai
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Our Process

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Why Choose Us

Other Painting Services

Most people confuse painting as a single-coat service while painting is not a single-coat job. It’s more than that. Painting is a step-by-step process that covers multiple services.

At Dubai Home Fixers, we aim to provide quality services in the form of a complete package. Our painting service is more than just a coat. To help you solve all painting-related problems for your residential or commercial property, we offer these services,

  • Faux Finishing Services
  • Epoxy Coating Services Dubai
  • Roof Coating Services Dubai
  • Floor Coating Services Dubai
  • Waterproofing Services Dubai
  • Wallpaper Installation Services
  • Surface Preparation for Painting Services
  • Stain and Varnish Application Services Dubai
  • Wallpaper and Paint Removal Services Dubai
  • Paint Color Consultation Services Dubai

Give your living space a new look with our complete package of painting services in Dubai. Contact us at +971544329100 and book our painter work now!

Painting Services Dubai UAE
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Painting Services in Dubai
Why choose us

Qualities of Our Paint

We offer the best painting services in Dubai and one of the factors to help us achieve the goal is the paint. The paint we use is of the highest quality and comes with different features.

The qualities of the paint we use include,

  • Low Odour
  • Durability
  • Adhesion
  • Washability
  • Full-Coverage
  • Color Retention
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Mold and Mildew Resistance

3-Step Booking Process

The booking process for painting services in Dubai is a simple 3-step process.

Make a Call

You can contact our team at +971544329100 via call or WhatsApp any time of the day to book our services. We are available 24/7 with painting services in Dubai. 

Give Information

Our representative will ask you some questions and basic information. Clear your mind with any query or exchange the ideas you have about your space next look. 

Book Painting Services

Our painters visit your space to give you an estimate of the price quote. After paying the dues, you will get a confirmation call or message. Now, you have booked our painting services in Dubai. 

Contact Best Painters in Dubai

Dubai House Fixers is one of the experienced companies that have offered home maintenance services for the past few decades including painting services in Dubai. We offer home, villa, house, wall, apartment, office, epoxy flooring, interior or exterior painting services in every corner of Dubai. With our durable paints and team of creative painters, we offer the best painting services in Dubai.
Give your space a new look with our painting services by contacting us at +971544329100. 

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Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Dubai House Fixers provides the best painting services as texture, quality, rates, and durability are concerned. Contact our team or visit the website to learn more about their painting services.

Many renowned companies offer wall, floor, roof, villa, home, apartment, office, house, interior, exterior, residential, or commercial painting services. Dubai House Fixers is one of them that offers professional painting services across Dubai.

To book a reliable painting service or professional painter in Dubai, Contact Dubai House Fixers at +971544329100. The painters at our company are skilled, creative, and expert, and ensure durable services.

The painting services cost depends on multiple factors, such as the painter's experience, expertise, paint cost, length of the project, and the creativity it takes. Contact our team for a free quote for wall, roof, floor, house, villa, apartment, or office painting services in Dubai.

Yes, we offer a wide range of painting services in Dubai that includes interior and exterior painting services in Dubai and its nearby areas.

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