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Electrical Services Dubai

#1 Electrician Dubai Company

Best Electrical Services Dubai

Don’t worry, if you need an electrician for electric work at your residency or if you need an electric repair shop near you. Dubai House Fixers has everything that you need with its electrical servicing in Dubai. We specialize in the electrical service that the other top electrical companies in Dubai don’t.

 We are among the top-rated licensed electrical services provider companies with our team of the best electricians and unparalleled services. We provide electrical installation, repair, and maintenance services in thousands of residential and commercial properties monthly.

Don’t let the outdated electrical system in your home dread the electricity and burden you with the hefty electricity bills. Contact our team at +971544329100 and book our electrical services now! 

electrical services UAE
Top Rated Electrician Near Me

Electrical Services at Dubai Home Fixers

Our electrical work covers every area that needs expert eyes. We offer a wide range of electrical services to cover the needs of your residential or commercial properties.

The electrical services we offer include,

  • Electrical Wiring Installation and Repair Services
  • Electrical Appliances Installation and Repair Services
  • Fuse Installation and Repair Services
  • Circuit Installation and Replacement Services
  • Power Sockets Installation and Repair Services
  • Switches Installation and Replacement Services
  • Resistors Installation and Replacement Services
  • Electrical System Installation and Repair Services
  • AV Installation and Repair Services
  • Security Door Lock System Installation and Repair Services
  • CCTV Cameras Installation and Repair Services
  • Faulty Light Inspection and Repair Service
  • Loose Electrical Connection Repair and Maintenance Services
  • Emergency Electrical Repair and Maintenance Services

With years of experience in the field and your continuous support, we upgrade our services and continuously add more to the list. If you haven’t found the problem you are currently facing in your living space, call the electrician of our company at +971544329100 and let him help you with it.

Why Dubai House Fixers for Electrical Problems?

Prompt Response

We can rectify any electrical problem whether repair or installation in a matter of few hours. Contact us or call an Electrician with your problem and see how fast we solve it for you.

Professional Electricians

We at Dubai House Fixers believe in providing the best electrical services without compromising on quality. For that, we have a team of professional, licensed, and experienced electricians who can fix any electrical problem within seconds.

Latest Tool Kits

To maintain our quality and minimize the service cost for our customers, we equip our electricians with tool kits. The tool kits of our electricians have all the latest equipment and necessary tools such as wrenches, tapes, cable ties, wall nuts, safety equipment, level, saws, and more.

Electrical Work Services in Dubai

At Dubai House Fixers, we have a licensed team of electricians who are experts in installing and repairing appliances. They are aware of the electrical industry’s latest tools and technology. They are licensed, certified, and expert to complete the task ahead of time with ease. Our electricians are experts and can tackle any complicated electrical issue. The electrician at Dubai House Fixers follows the best electrical work practices and is equipped with the latest tools. They have good client reviews and ensure exemplary services.
Contact us via call or WhatsApp to book our electrical services in Dubai

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electrical services UAE

Why Dubai House Fixers for Electrical Work?

Prompt Response

With our 24/7 electrical services, we offer prompt response to every call. Our electricians will be at your doorstep within a few hours of getting a call and fix any electrical issues within 24 hours.

Safe Services

We equip our electricians with the latest tool kits that help them install efficient power-saving electrical systems to reduce the chances of fire or any incident.

Energy Efficient Solutions

Our team of electricians has vast knowledge of the best electrical services across Dubai. With that experience, we help residential or commercial property owners install efficient electrical practices and reduce DEWA bills.

Water Tank Cleaning Services

Hire Electrician Dubai

Contact Us for Electrical Work in Dubai

Dubai House Fixers, a home maintenance company provide electrical work services in Dubai. We specialize in electrical wiring, appliance installation, repair, and maintenance services in our electrical services. With our qualified team of electricians, we offer around-the-clock emergency electrical repair services. We are your recommended electrical services provider in Dubai for any electrical services, whether you need socket replacement or light installation services.
Contact us at +971544329100 to book electrical contractors in Dubai at the cheapest rates! 

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They have good service and on time specially Dubai House Fixers is very accommodating. We’re Happy Customer 😊👍

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George D. Coffey Jakarta

Well done dubaihousefixers Team

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Valorie A. Woods Bandung

#1 Dubai House Fixers contractor for electrical and 💧 water meter, they have done our meter installation successfully

Harold K. Grimm Semarang

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book emergency electrical services in Dubai from Dubai House Fixers. To book our electrical work, dial +971544329100.

Dubai House Fixers offers the best electrical repair Dubai services from appliance installation to repair services in Dubai. We have an expert team of electricians and the latest tool kits to deal with any electrical situation.

A home maintenance company offers multiple services in electrical work in Dubai. Most companies provide sockets, electrical appliances, fuses, circuits, resistor installation, repair, and maintenance services in Dubai.

Electrical services price depends on many factors like the complexity of the task, the number of electricians involved, the number of hours it takes, or the handyman. To find the electrical work price, call the electrician at +971544329100 with your problem and get a free quote. 

Electricity is dangerous, and playing with it can be hazardous for residents and the building. Electricians are professionals who have knowledge, licenses, and certifications and follow safety protocols. It is advisable to seek expert electrician help if you need electricity repair or maintenance services in Dubai.

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